At Ordner Construction, our commitment to safety is unprecedented. We realize that safety on the job site directly contributes to the quality of the end product.

A safe working environment promotes higher productivity and dedication to quality results. Our safety process is one of continuous training and project safety audits to measure and evaluate safety performance on each project.

Project-specific safety programs are developed and issued to the project managers, superintendents, subcontractors, and insurance companies upon request. They instruct all personnel in the field on safety procedures and rules that must be followed to maintain consistency throughout all the trades utilized during a project, thus creating a safer work environment.

These programs specify the responsibilities of executive management, subcontractors, and suppliers; plans for emergency evacuation and fire prevention/control and routes to access security and medical services. All safety incidents are entered into a computer program designed to analyze the project's safety progress and based on findings, proper training and prevention procedures are initiated and implemented.

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